All The Tools You Need To Pave The Way For Your Personal Revival

It’s About Revival Time! A Powerful Christian Journey, No Fluff Mentoring and Mastermind to Help You Build a Deeper Relationship With God….So You Can Live the Life Of Your Dreams

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Learn about the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Understand the differences between worldviews and biblical views.


Meet in small groups for weekly discussions, prayer, and fellowship. Join right from your home with your phone, tablet, or computer.


Cultivate a habit of spiritual growth with daily Bible reading, prayer, and fellowship. Discover a personal revival when you draw closer to God.

Are YOU Ready To Go From Dreaming To LIVING Your Deepest Faith With A Program That Will Pave The Way For Your Personal Revival?  

Join Bible Cafe™ University the place where spiritual growth happens! We help you learn the Bible, apply the Bible to your daily life, and live as someone chosen and loved.

Each week includes a topical study lesson. You read the lesson in your study book.

Once a week connect with a leader and members of the Bible Cafe™ when you meet by Zoom video or phone for the Current Study. 

Grow in your understanding of the Bible and cultivate a deeper relationship with God as you apply the lessons to your daily life. 

Get FULL ACCESS to On-Demand and Live Event Bible Studies!

Membrship Includes:

  • NEW! Access to Resources for Personal Revival
  • ONCE A WEEK! Phone & Video Meet-ups With Bible Cafe™ Leaders, Members and Guests (Current Study )
  • MONTHLY mentoring group discussions by webinar
  • PRINTABLE Bible Study companion guides for personal use or church discussion groups
  • Get your questions answered with our All-Access Library!
  • How to grow your faith at each level of your journey
  • Strategies for New Believers and Women Returning to Christianity
  • Action Steps you can take in your spiritual growth each week
  • Live interaction with our community by phone or video


We started the first online Bible study in 2009 and have led more than 100 online Bible studies. If you need to know what works- and what doesn't work- ASK US!  

Study the Bible. Connect with others. Grow closer to God.

Each week includes a topical study lesson. You read the lesson in your study book. Once a week connect with a leader and members of the Bible Cafe™ when you meet by Zoom video or phone to discuss the current study. Grow in your understanding of the Bible and cultivate a deeper relationship with God as you apply the lessons to your daily life. 

Small Group Schedule 

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  • Monday 10am 
  • Monday 12pm
  • Tuesday 8pm
  • Wed 12pm
  • Wed 9pm
  • Thurs 12pm
  • Friday 12pm

Monthly Membership


  • Monthly webinars with authors and guests
  • Virtual group meetings with a Bible Cafe leader
  • Streaming access to teaching videos from Bible Cafe leaders
  • Printable worksheets for spiritual growth
  • Access to Bible Cafe™ University Current and Past Studies

Billed monthly at $17 until you self-cancel


Annual Membership


  • GET 12 months for the price of 10 and SAVE!
  • Monthly webinars with authors and guests
  • Virtual group meetings with a Bible Cafe leader
  • Streaming access to teaching videos from Bible Cafe leaders
  • Printable worksheets for spiritual growth
  • Access to Bible Cafe™ University Current and Past Studies

Billed every year at $170 until you self-cancel


Reviews About the Bible Cafe

 Rhonda Bucklin  recommends Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star studying the Bible and forming friendships with like minded women has been such a fulfilling experience. The support and encouragement are always in abundance and God’s message to love one another and share is continued across the miles. I look forward to each Bible study.

♥ Andrea Reitman-Golberg  recommends Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star The most caring, accepting, loving group of Christian sisters! This group keeps me sane, and helps strengthen my connection to the Lord!

♥ Martha Strayer  recommends Bible Cafe — 5 star  Bible studies with other women in a schedule that fits yours, and it’s uplifting to learn in a nonjudgmental arena.

♥ Tammy Bowles Drega reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star This group was greatly used by God to get me back into the Word of God. Just when I need encouragement, a post will come up. They bring up some hard issues with quotes that make you realize you need to be more. This page is awesome!

♥ Debbie Lewis reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star Wow! What an amazing ministry the Womens Bible Café is! I have grown so much in my relationship with God and have loved these bible study groups (I have done 3 so far, looking forward to more).They are caring and encouraging, and most importantly their love of Christ shines through in the weekly sessions. I love that we pray for one another and get to share, learn & develop as we dive into God’s Word through book studies. The many different time slots Christine & the leaders put together for us is so wonderful there really is no excuse for not digging in deeper to God’s Word. What a blessing and inspiration each of you are – thank you!

♥ Marna Coleman-Jones reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star I found this group at a bad time in my life. These studies have helped me tremendously. My relationship with God is greater, my faith is stronger, and I’m in a better place in my life. I love everything they stand for.

♥ Lisa Grider White reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star This site has been a life saver for me with all that I have going on. I also feel free to answer with my heart and not have people judge me

♥ Allison Kercher reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star What a blessing it has been to connect with believers throughout our country and world! I have completed two Bible studies with Women’s Bible Cafe and am thankful for the online format! With being a Mama to four littles the online forum gives me the opportunity to still be connected to God’s Word without traveling!

♥ Becky Schilling reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star  I’ve done three or four studies with WBC so far. And I love the interaction of the members, the different insights, the study topics, and the friendships that develop between the whole groups! A great big THANK YOU to all involved in putting this site together and bringing it to the public. A much needed Bible Study source!!!!!

♥ Linda Bruno reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star These ladies have become my “church family” – I have the privilege of praying for them and know they pray for me. The studies have been excellent (I’ve done two so far and will start a third one in January) and have kept me focused on God and His Word. Everyone is so kind and caring – and willing to share our struggles with each other. WBC is a huge blessing in my life. Thank you to Christine and all the other leaders for making this available to us!

♥ Rebecca Mims reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star WBC has been a wonderful tool that put a fire under me to focus more on my relationship with Christ. I’ve been with the group for over a year now and it’s the best thing I’ve been involved in on social media. WOW!!! what an amazing growth spurt I’ve gone through. I love WBC. God bless Christine Abraham and every woman who shares their love for Christ on here.

♥ Tammy Garrett reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star Over the past year these ladies have become like family to me! God’s led me to this group when my world was turned upside down!

♥ Maureen Lucas reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star I am so grateful for this site. Wonderful leaders give encouragement and inspiration. The on-line studies are a plus. Not only do we delve into the Word; we make friends from all over the world. So, we are blessed in many ways by The Womens Bible Cafe. In the study groups which are closed groups. There is a security in sharing, and compassion with others. It is humbling to me. We can share together and grow together. What a blessing! I also enjoy the scavenger hunts last winter!

♥ Diana Skirvin Woolley reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star I just got in on the tail end of the last Bible study and just loved it. Looking forward to the next study. The Women’s Bible Cafe has already expanded my Christian walk. I highly recommend this group!

♥ Janet Vroegop reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star Where else can I talk Jesus with women from around the world each week? This ministry is a valuable part of my devotion time. I’ve completed two studies this year and look forward to the next. The ladies who participate have valuable Biblical insight and sincerely pray over each other.

♥ Tiffany ElderKirkum reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star This year has been a year of first for me in my walk with Christ. I am finally figuring out what is important and how God will direct your path and lead you to and from situations that aren’t meant for you. I am adding this group for accountability and for encouragement and pray that I can be of encouragement to someone else. Give it a try, its worth it.

♥ Elizabeth Orengo reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star This ministry is a blessing. With my schedule and commute, I cannot attend local weeknight bible studies. The many time slots allow me to attend at times that work with my schedule. Also, the format works well for me and the instructors/leaders keep you engaged. It’s a wonderful way to connect with others and the Word. Thank you, Christine for answering this call to ministry.

♥ Josin Hector reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star I look forward to our group meetings each week. I have read my bible more often- every day. And looking forward to hearing what the Lord is saying to me each day. Thanks for this great idea! God bless you all.

♥ Kim Herndon reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star What a difference Bible Cafe and the ladies have made on my spiritual journey. I truly believe God led me to this website to help me grow in the direction I needed too! This will be my second year and I can’t wait to embark on all the learning and fellowship ahead!

♥ Lynn J. Kidd reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star I LOVE and appreciate you this site the leaders the inspirational post and most importantly the studies. The leaders that lead the studies as well as the women that love God and desire to have a relationship with Him. This is a safe and encouraging place to do just that.

♥ Dawanne Poree reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star As someone who needs structured bible studies to keep me engaged and on-track, this group has been amazing! I feel as if the Lord designed it just for me and my needs during this hectic season of mothering small children.

♥ Pat Bittinger reviewed Womens Bible Cafe — 5 star Support, learning, sharing and a fellowship for real, everyday Christian women who will embrace, care, pray and befriend you through all of life’s trials and triumphs. Along the you study the word of God. Amazing stuff.

♥ Cindy Darnell Shemwell  recommends Bible Cafe — 5 star I have gone from a Sunday sermon Christian to a woman who craves the Word. I’m not sure if that would have happened without Bible Cafe’s loving fellowship and excellent bible studies. It has expanded my mind and taught me to love Jesus, to understand God’s character and to trust Him with my life. Grab on and grow with us. You will never regret it.

♥ Pat Turner  recommends Bible Cafe — 5 star Fellowship and in depth Bìble study! Love the thought provoking questions and reading others comments. A place where sharing is exceptional.

♥ Rose Gloe  recommends Bible Cafe — 5 star I recommend Bible Cafe as an excellent bible study group! There is so much knowledge shared. I love the fellowship,the compassion and how everyone lifts everyone up in prayer!

♥ Karen Gentile reviewed Bible Cafe — 5 star I use the Bible cafe during the summer, when there is a lull in the Precept Bible study that I attend through my church home. The ladies have been supportive and I have been staying in the Word.

♥ Melissa Sterling Tillis  recommends Bible Cafe — 5 star So far I’ve only done two studies, but got so much out of them. It’s so uplifting to fellowship online. Looking forward to the next one. So interesting to see what God shows others from what He shows me in the same study.

♥ Kimberly Nell Carter  recommends Bible Cafe — 5 star Insightful, uplifting, faith building and resourceful. I can connect to so many and we can reach out to each other as needed.

♥ Debbie Keirsey reviewed Bible Cafe — 5 star I’ve been with WBC for almost 3 years now and it truly has been a Godsend. I’ve had fellowship with believing women from all parts of this world. At my age, I didn’t think I could grow anymore in my walk with Yahweh, but I was sooo wrong.  Thank you for the leaders who present to me God’s holy words. God Bless you all.

♥ Leslie Bush reviewed Bible Cafe — 5 star Have been through several studies and the teaching and fellowship in the groups is uplifting. Love it.